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Year 6 Transition

Transition from primary to secondary education is a special time for your child. It marks the significant move from a small school setting to a much larger one and Rushcliffe School recognises that this can be an exciting, yet sometimes anxious, time for your child. It is important that we are able to support your child’s personal and academic development.

During the current circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are living and working in unprecedented times. However, I would like to inform you that staff are working hard to ensure the transition process is completed as smoothly as possible. As a school we have a strong and successful induction programme that we are proud of, and believe forms a strong foundation for which children can shine brightly. However, due to the circumstances this year, it is important to note that we have had no choice but to make some changes to the induction programme. Despite these changes, please do be assured that your child will still receive a thorough introduction to the school. The details of which will become more clear once the children return to school and we fully understand how the school functions effectively under the social-distancing measures. Depending on the ever-changing circumstances we want to do as much as we can and plans are currently being adapted as we await further guidelines from the government.

For further information please take a look through the following documents:

Letter from your Head of Year

Meet the team

Meet the tutor - Booklet

Year 7 transition information

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