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Trent Academies Group

Mr Crompton

The Trent Academies Group is a small educational trust which started in February 2014 when Rushcliffe School was judged to be ‘Outstanding’ by OFSTED. Rather than rest on their laurels the Governors and senior team immediately offered to sponsor the neighbouring Farnborough School - now The Farnborough Academy. Later in the year the Governors at Arnold Hill Academy asked if they could be a part of the trust - and so the Trent Academies Group grew. Will it get bigger? Who knows? We are interested in working with others if approached because collaboration allows Rushcliffe staff to broaden their range of skills and experience and brings benefits to the whole education system.

Each of the academies in the Group believes that “Everyone should be given the chance to shine brightly”. This means that the pursuit of academic excellence is seen as being hugely important but, and this is crucial, each academy will encourage and develop other talents which may not necessarily be recognised at GCSE or A-level.

We readily acknowledge that excellent examination results open doors for young people but we also appreciate the importance of painting and acting, dancing and singing, individual activities and team sports, community work and international travel... I could easily go on!

The Trent Academies Group aims to support academies in providing a rich and broad education which will be valuable for a lifetime. This philosophy seems to strike a chord with teachers, support staff and, of course, pupils and parents. We will not deviate from the central belief that opportunities for success in examinations should be combined with a broader experience of life.

We hope that young people emerging from the Trent Academies Group experience will have the qualifications, the enthusiasm and the social confidence to make a real impact on the world whatever their talents are.

We are proud that Rushcliffe School is part of the Trent Academies Group.

Should you wish to know more about the Trent Academies Group then please click here

Best wishes

Phil Crompton

Executive Headteacher