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Mental Health & Well-being with Jeremy Thomas

On Wednesday 22nd March Year 11 and Sixth Form students had a talk on mental health and well-being from Jeremy Thomas.

'Jeremy reaches out to students in schools in an attempt to normalise the subject of mental illness and take the Hammer Horror out of old perceptions. The talks are based around Jeremy’s own experience of dealing with depression, addiction, manic depression and offer a series of practical and useful honest tips on how to stay mentally healthy and get the best out of life. He also demonstrates why prevention is far better than cure and that humour can be the best way of talking about such a serious subject. It makes the whole subject of good mental health interesting and something to be embraced.

The aim is for the students to learn something that might be useful for themselves now or later in their lives or simply helpful for understanding a family member or close friend encountering mental health problems. To leave students with a lasting impression that mental health is as important as physical health and to dispel any sense of shame or embarrassment that they or others might have on the subject.’

The students enjoyed the talk and feedback was very positive highlighting that they felt they were able to support family and friends with mental health problems and also look at ways in which they can look after their own mental health and relieve stress.

Miss Weston

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