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Radio Rushcliffe

radio rushcliffe smallRadio Rushcliffe is a student led radio broadcast that aims to inform and entertain the students at Rushcliffe School. We currently air every two weeks with a pre-recorded show- but we have big plans to go live within the very near future. We are based in a purpose built studio room in our new Sixth form block, kitted out with state of the art radio broadcasting equipment.


Some of our well received segments include interviews with old staff, ‘what’s up with Rushcliffe’ (a brief overview of the week), announcements for clubs and a cheesy quote to end the show with that gets everyone ready for their Friday afternoon of learning!

Get to know the staff:

Amy Lee (Year 13): Producer. Amy effectively runs the radio and ensures everyone is on task and running smoothly, whilst also providing a much-needed air of positivity (even when the technology seems to fail us and everyone is freaking out).

Rehan Rana (Year 13): Director of IT. Rehan is not only incredibly proficient at recording and editing, but he also has a secret love for bad pop songs- something that he tries to incorporate into every show.

Harry Croft (Year 13): Audio-Editing. Harry works under IT, meaning that he has a major role in editing the shows. Harry is a great ‘ideas man’ and is constantly trying to improve the radio- something that is very much appreciated.

Anna Taylor (Year 12): Content Editor. Anna writes and determines what is going to be played in the show, whilst also proving a comedic break and some vital cringe-worthy puns.

Alice Ireland (Year 12): Co-Head of Marketing and co-editor. Alice is head of digital marketing, controlling all of the radio's social media (including the website) with lively enthusiasm. Alice also helps create the script, adding a flair of fun!


Charlie Koczalski (Year 12): Co-Head of Marketing. Charlie is head of traditional marketing (so raises awareness around school) and is incredibly reliable and trustworthy- he is someone that everyone can turn to if they need help with something.

Alex Fray (Year 11): Radio assistant. Alex is the only student that is not in sixth form, meaning that he is able to understand and relay what the younger years think about the show. He attempts to recruit them and tells the team what to improve on, whilst also providing kind support.

Josh Hutson (Year 12), Hannah Edwards and Andrew Mapperly (year 13): Presenters. Radio Rushcliffe is very fortunate in having three extremely talented presenters, all with unique quirks and different reading types- allowing for a varied script. We are also fortunate enough they are all very dedicated and passionate (and that they don’t have too many diva demands!)

We are always happy to welcome any interested and dedicated people who may want to get involved. We meet on Mondays in room 603.

Check out our twitter @radiorushcliffe


And listen out for us every other Friday lunchtime in Eatz, A Hall and B Hall.