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A Level Product Design

Subject ambassadors: Katie Page and Chloe Donkin y13

As subject ambassadors, our teacher Ms Fothergill had challenged us to draw on topics that look at inclusive design and to consider social, moral and ethical issues to solve a problem or respond to specific user needs. We thought that it would be a good idea to develop a product that could be used to improve day to day life for some of the elderly residents at Epperstone Court and so we decided to create ‘memory boards’ to help people with dementia or memory loss. Once we had finalised the ideas and created our own prototypes we set about recruiting a small group of year 8 students to help us manufacture them in a batch. In order to create the boards efficiently we ran a lunch time club allowing the year 8 students to come and help out. We made 12 memory boards and once we had finished making them a trip to Epperstone Court was organised. The home was delighted with the boards and have asked for more. They also requested a craft session where the residents could make their own so we are working hard to modify the designs and materials to make this happen.