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Gymnastic Stars, Ellie and Becky Downie

pic002Ellie and Becky Downie, the two gymnastic super stars, both won their European titles on the same day. Before they started gymnastics they used to dance. The two sisters are very close and still live with each other in their family home.

Ellie Downie was born on the 20th July 1999 in Nottingham. At the age of 15 she became the first ever female gymnast to win an individual all- round medal for Great Britain at the European championships. Ellie won sports personality of the year in 2015.

Becky Downie was born on the 24th January 1992 in Nottingham. She competed at the 2008 summer Olympics for Great Britain and the team finished sixth, she was also a reserve for the 2012 summer Olympic team. Becky is the 2014 European and Commonwealth Games champion on the uneven bars.

pic003At Rushcliffe School everyone is very proud of both Ellie and Becky especially the head teacher, Mr Lewis:
“Ellie and Becky Downie worked hard in all lessons and therefore did well in all subjects.”
Their head of Year, Mr Howse, is also very proud of them:
“Ellie was very well behaved and was also a very good cook. I’m also very proud of how she could fit both gymnastics and school into her daily routine.”
The students at Rushcliffe School are happy that Ellie and Becky Downie have done so well in their career because that gives the pupils motivation to follow their dreams and do what they believe they can do.


by Laura, Poppy, Tegan and Emma