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Winter Concert 2016

At Christmas Rushcliffe school’s talent comes together to create a festive concert for all to enjoy. This year there was a range of Year groups and performances and the addition of the new singing teacher meant the singing was incredible for the age of the students. With renditions of Jingle Bell Rock, Rocking around the Christmas tree and Christmas Carols the festive spirit radiated throughout the concert. A self-written song by Elijah Pope of Year 10 alongside the brass group, the school choirs and percussion group really proved to us all how much talent we have at the school. With various solos and duets the Concert was not short of talent and the coming years are an exciting prospect for the musicians of Rushcliffe School. A special Mention has to go to Ryan, Honor and Leo who were great comperes for the performance and of course to Mr Pitts, Mr Jones and Mr Barraclough for organising the event.

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