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Ken Clarke Meets Year 13 Befrienders

Rushcliffe School year 13 YOPEY Befrienders met MP for Rushcliffe, Ken Clarke at Leawood Manor Home for the elderly on Friday 4th November. The aim of the trip was to raise awareness of the work being carried out by pupils at Rushcliffe School as part of this nationwide YOPEY (Young People of the Year) scheme which provides an opportunity for our sixth formers to take part in community work. Each year, YOPEY trains our students to out this work successfully and this week 30 more year 12 students will be enrolled. Once trained pupils will organise their own visits to Leawood in their non-contact time.


Kenneth Clarke, asked the year 13 when he met them why they had taken part in the scheme. Students reasons varied from gaining work experience for careers in medicine, nursing, social work to personal experiences of grandparents and wanting to share their knowledge. Mr Clarke was interested in the nature of the meetings student had with their clients. One student commented on the football conversations he had with gentleman he saw on a regular basis. Others talked about family life and spent most of the time listening to lives lived and adventures had by the person they supported. The M.P also asked the students about their career aspirations, A level being studied and university applied to. Some political conversation was touched upon. Mr Clarke commented on the need to develop care homes which like Leawood which are vibrant and stimulating and not placing elderly into hospitals.

Rushcliffe School will continue to work with YOPEY and Leawood Manor, run by the growing Runwood Homes Group. We strongly believe that charity work is not just about raising funds but also about active engagement. This scheme helps us to instil our core values and allows our sixth formers to ‘shine brightly’ beyond the school gates.

We would like to thank Leawood staff for accommodating our pupils each year and Tony Gearing of YOPEY for the on-going support. Please check the website for YOPEY for further information about this charity - https://www.facebook.com/YOPEY

Ken Clarke Newspaper

Shrutee Desai