Edison College, Apeldoorn (Holland)

Beginning in 2015 this is аn annual exchange programme that has seen 14 Year 9 students who are less likely to have the opportunity to travel abroad to visit the school in Holland. The aims of this exchange programme are :

To experience and understand a different culture within the European Union.

To promote tolerance and respect for other cultures and beliefs.

To develop student self confidence through the experience of life in a different country.

To work collaboratively with students from Holland using their combined technological expertise.

Whilst there ,students attended lessons to understand different behaviours within a foreign classroom setting. This also gave them the opportunity to learn some basic Dutch language. They were also involved in cooking traditional Dutch food, observing and buying food from a supermarket, playing traditional sports, for example, Korfball and sightseeing around Apeldoorn.

When Dutch students and teachers visited the UK , the students spent the first morning at Farnborough, one of the schools in our trust, where they joined up with the UK students and worked collaboratively in cookery and PE lessons, in the afternoon they went to Nottingham Forest Football ground. In the evening all of the UK and Dutch students went for a typically English meal, a Curry. On the second day, they came to Rushcliffe to work collaboratively with the UK students on designing and making a chair in the De Stijl style. This was chosen as it was the 100 year anniversary of this famous Dutch style and the designer was a local Apeldoorn man. In the afternoon all of the students went into town to look at the city centre. Students gained an insight into what life is really like in Holland and learnt that whilst different nations have their own way of life, we also have many values and beliefs in common and that we should celebrate ur differences and embrace the similarities.