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SEND Funding

Funding is used in a variety of ways for SEND pupils at Rushcliffe School. Some pupils have access to additional money that is primarily spend on in-class support. All other support is funded through the whole school budget. Funds are also allocated to small group teaching classes, highly personalised curriculums, equipment, support clubs and additional adult support from a range of specialist support staff in school to name a few.

The cost of running clubs ranges from £60 per pupil to £360 per pupil per year per club.
The cost of in class support ranges from £120 per lesson to £450 per lesson per year.
Small group teaching costs range from £210 per lesson per year to £1050 per lesson per year.
The cost of specialist staff support ranges from £120 per intervention per year to £1200 per intervention per year.

Costs vary significantly according to how many pupils are accessing an intervention and the hourly rate of the member of staff delivering that intervention.