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Clubs and Events

As well as supporting the academic achievement of our pupils, Rushcliffe School acknowledges the importance of developing social skills through extra-curricular activities. As a result, Learning Support Assistants run a range of additional activities. These include;


 Art Club

When: Tuesday
 Where: LSU
 What Time: 3.15-4.15
 Who with: Mr Gradowski

The Art club is an opportunity to develop a range of artistic skills such as dance, painting and drawing. The purpose of the club is to improve fine motor skills, develop artistic skill and have fun.


Homework Club

When: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
 Where: Learning Support
 What Time: 3.15-4.15
 Who with: Learning Support Assistants (headed by Mrs Cook)

Homework club is an opportunity to get some extra help with homework from the Learning Support Assistants. We can look in homework diaries, and ask teachers directly if there are some concerns. We support students to get as much of their homework completed as possible before they go home.


Social Skills and Sensory Club

When: Thursday
 Where: Learning Support
 What Time: 3.15-4.15
 Who with: Mrs Sanders

The Social Skills and Sensory Club aims to support students to develop communication skills in a calming environment. This involves playing games, listening to calming music surrounded by calming lighting and tactile objects. The aim is for pupils to find strategies that work for them that can be used in lessons and during less structured social times in order to make the school day more productive.



When: Wednesday
 Where: LSU
 What Time: 3.30-4.00
 Who with: Mrs Hackett and Ms Willows

The ASDAN award is an opportunity to develop additional skills and gain an extra qualification. The pupils in the current club are working towards an English Language ASDAN Award. Pupils are invited to join this club


Baking Club

When: Wednesday
 Where: Food Technology room
 What Time: 3.15-4.15
 Who with: Miss Saddique

Baking Club is an opportunity to practice cooking skills. It focusses on developing fine and gross motor skills, following instructions carefully and producing some delicious treats to take home.


The Learning Support Faculty also offer a safe a secure environment during lunch and break time. Where students are encouraged to improve their social skills with their peers. It is also an opportunity to relive any anxieties about the rest of the school day and support organisation skills.