The Ningbo Foreign Language school, Ningbo (China)

In October 2017 Mrs Collins was invited to join the Nottinghamshire’s head delegation to China, organised by the Confucius institute of the University of Nottingham, to visit Fudan university in Shanghai and to sign a formal partnership agreement with Ningbo foreign Language school of Ningbo. The objectives of this visit were to begin collaborative work with the Confucius institute, to explore the teaching of Mandarin in Rushcliffe school and other schools in the Trust and to  lay the foundations for a partnership with the school   to  plan for collaborative projects and future visits.

Ningbo Foreign Language School (NBFLS) is a full-time school from grade 7 to grade 12 approved by Ningbo municipal government office in 1991, directly affiliated to Ningbo Educational Bureau with over 1800 students. The school grounds are beautifully maintained and contain two ponds, gardens and a stream. The underlying sentiment that forms the basis of Ningbo Foreign Language School’s ethos is the desire to provide the best possible education for its students and offer students a diverse array of educational choice as well opportunities to explore and grow.

This visit has had a very positive impact on our international links and our students’ interest in the global dimension. Mandarin has been introduced very successfully into year 8 with lessons delivered live from China by zoom and also with a colleague from the Confucius institute. Students in years 12 and 13 have also completed an after school Mandarin classes and have been successful in their YTC assessment. From September 2018 Rushcliffe school will be expanding its teaching of mandarin to more year groups and also continue to embed elements of Chinese culture and language with the arrival of a Chinese colleague to the Rushcliffe staff.

 An exchange with NBFLS is now in planning with current year 8s and 7s for next March. SO Chinese students and 5 staff will be joining Rushcliffe school in July for a week of lessons. Many of our students will have a chance to work with the Chinese guests whilst they are here and teachers will also have an opportunity to demonstrate and discuss pedagogy and in class activities  with their Chinese colleagues  and a sixth form visit to Fudan university in Shanghai and to Beijing is  also being planned for July 2019.  Communication continues  between students and colleagues thanks to Wechat   and Rushcliffe hopes to develop this further with Zoom meetings and skype calls.