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Sixth Form Bursary criteria - Rushcliffe School 2016/17

To qualify students must:

  • Be under 19 years of age on 31st August 2016 of the year they start The Rushcliffe Sixth Form
  • Be pursuing a qualification funded by the YPLA, European Social Fund or publicly funded which leads to a qualification that is OFQUAL accredited or is pursuant to Section 98 of the Learning and Skills Act 2000.
  • Attend an institution which is subject to inspection by a public body that assures quality e.g. OFSTED

The following students could receive the full allocation of £1,200:

  • Looked after children
  • Care leavers (students who were in care and now live alone)
  • Young person who receives income support (living independently from their parents) or new Universal Credit in their own name.
  • Disabled young person in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (or the new Personal Independence Payments) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) (or Universal Credit as a replacement for ESA) in their own right

Assessment to support the above

The school would need to see evidence of :

  • Up to £800 per year can be paid to students who are entitled to free school meals
  • Looked after children – Written confirmation from the local authority that cares for the young person or provides their leaving care service.
  • Income support/disability allowance – a letter stating out the benefits the young person is entitled to from the relevant Government organisation

Discretionary allocations 

Rushcliffe School will set aside funding to allow for changes in circumstances. This payment will be flexible and subject to change.

Payments will be made on a regular basis into Bank / Building Society accounts through BACS.

‘One-off’ payments to help overcome barriers to learning for those who do not qualify for funding set out in the above criteria.

This can include:

  • Cost of transport to and from school
  • Cost of books and other equipment
  • Cost of meals 

Assessment required to support discretionary payments

For discretionary support to be provided the school will need to be confident that the young person is part of a household with low income. Evidence to prove this can be provided through:

  • Receipt of benefit
  • P60
  • Tax Credit Award Notice
  • Evidence of self-employment income
  • Registered evidence of free school meals

Applicants undertake to tell the school of any change in my circumstances in writing. They agree to repay Rushcliffe School in full and immediately any sums advanced if the information given is shown to be false or deliberately misleading.

The bursary cannot be used to:

To substitute for other sources of financial support e.g. childcare payments made under the Care to Learn scheme or payment to meet regular residential costs which come under the Residential Support Scheme 

Frequency of payments 

  • For those in care, Care leavers, income support recipients and disabled young persons in receipt of benefits and FSM - Payments will go out monthly in arrears.
  • Payment is conditional upon regular attendance (min 93%) and commitment to courses.
  • Flexible payments can be made as needs arise.

Decision making process

  1. All applications for support from Bursary Fund should be made before 9.00am on October 21st.
  2. Form should be returned to the 6th Form Office.
  3. A committee of Governors will consider all applications and decide upon allocations.
  4. Students can appeal to a second committee if they wish.
  5. Payments will be made through the school office but funds are limited and are provided by the YPLA
  6. Rushcliffe School reserves the right to refuse applications.