Art Exhibition change of date

Unfortunately the Art Exhibition has been moved from Wednesday 11th July to Wednesday 18th July because of the world cup semi final.

Still from 6-8pm in the art department.


Rushcliffe School Induction Parent Evening meeting moved to Thursday 12th July, 6.30pm

Following a large number of parents asking if the Year 6 Evening on Wednesday can be changed due to England playing in the World Cup semi-final we have decided to postpone the evening event to Thursday 12th July.  The induction day will continue as normal on Wednesday for the pupils.

Boundary Road temporary closure - restricted access to school

With apologies for the last minute notification – we have only just received details of the closure of part of Boundary Road by contractors working on behalf of Severn Trent Water.

They are to carry out water connection works for our new Performing Arts and Languages building.

The closure is needed to ensure the safety of workers. This work will mean the closure of part of Boundary Road near the Selby Road junction to all traffic.

The closure is potentially from Monday 9th July 2018 (from 08:00) until Wednesday 11th July 2018 (appx 17:00). The point of closure is shown on this attached plan. It is on Boundary Road between the entrance and exit points of our loop road.

We fully expect the school to remain accessible, including for the Ruddington and Lady Bay school busses, however you may need to follow the signed diversions.

For safety reasons, under no circumstances should vehicles or cyclists attempt to enter the school site via the exit road – our loop road is strictly one way.

Please allow extra time for the journey to and from the school site.

We would encourage staff, pupils and visitors to cycle or walk to school if at all possible.

The NCT bus services 8 & 9/9B will need to be diverted, and will drop off further up Boundary Road.

Severn Trent assure us that as soon as the work is completed they will reopen the road.

Year 11 Prom 2018

DSC 0466
DSC 0472
DSC 0477
DSC 0498
DSC 0499
DSC 0508
DSC 0518
DSC 0521
DSC 0527
DSC 0544
DSC 0546
DSC 0549
DSC 0554
DSC 0555
DSC 0558
DSC 0564
DSC 0573
DSC 0575
DSC 0579
DSC 0581
DSC 0583
DSC 0584
DSC 0592
DSC 0594
DSC 0597
DSC 0601
DSC 0604
DSC 0605
DSC 0610
DSC 0612
DSC 0615
DSC 0618
DSC 0621
DSC 0622
DSC 0626
DSC 0634
DSC 0635
DSC 0638
DSC 0654
DSC 0668
DSC 0679
DSC 0682
DSC 0691
DSC 0693
DSC 0694
DSC 0698
DSC 0701
DSC 0704
DSC 0709
DSC 0718
DSC 0721
DSC 0722
DSC 0727
DSC 0735
DSC 0741
DSC 0744
DSC 0748
DSC 0762
DSC 0767
DSC 0772
DSC 0774
DSC 0780

Exam Results Days

Information on examination results days can be found here.