Letters of Hope from Guatemala

Our Spanish A level students have been exchanging letters in Spanish with the seven Guatemalan students we have been sponsoring through the Esperanza Festival for the last three years.

These students go to ‘Escuela Proyecto: Esperanza’, the School of Hope, where they are provided with food, education, health, social and psychological care. Many students at the School of Hope lose their sponsors as they finish their ‘GCSEs’. However, we have always been determined to support ‘our’ seven students education long enough so that they have a true chance to become fully independent self-sufficient adults who can in return break the cycle of poverty of those near to them.

School of Hope

From left to right Oscar Garcia Jimenez, Brenda Barrios López, Leydy Julissa de Leon, José Manuel Socop Valle, Devin Esau Castro, José Puac Maxima, Yesmin López Zacarias.

They have been writing to us to let us know how they are getting on. Some of our Sixth formers ( Maddie Storey , Evie Craig, Beth Vangeham, Beth Griffiths, Lucy Jepson, Francesca Bowen, Harriet Turneer ) have used their Spanish language skills and have responded to their letters. 

After completing their Secondary Education in December 2016 , Oscar, Yesmin, José Gabriel, José Manuel and Brenda have started college this January in Antigua. Oscar and Yesmin are both studying accounting; José Gabriel is studying business administration José Manuel is studying electronic studies. Brenda Maria, is studying to be an Office Secretary. They are all settling into their classes and are enjoying their studies!

Thank you to everyone for supporting the Esperanza festival.  Roll on Esperanza 2017!

Cambridge Aspiration Day

On Thursday 26th January, 14 Year 10 pupils attended an ‘Aspiration Day’ at Peterhouse College, Cambridge. The pupils took part in a variety of sessions exploring the benefits of university studies and the range of degree subjects on offer. There was a tour of Peterhouse – the smallest and oldest college in Cambridge – and they were treated to lunch in the great dining hall where the group agreed “It’s like being at Hogwarts”. After lunch, pupils opted to hear either Dr Laura Hardwick speak about ‘Frogs in the fight against cancer & degenerative diseases’ or Bridget Kendall, (former BBC diplomatic correspondent) and now first female Master of Peterhouse, whose talk on ‘Why Study Languages?’ included her experiences of interviewing Vladimir Putin. Pupils also enjoyed a Q&A session with Cambridge undergraduates and found out about many different aspects of student life and studies. It was a most informative and aspirational day and we look forward to being invited back again next year!

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TAG Business Breakfast

Last week Rushcliffe School held the first Trent Academies Group Business Breakfast. This was a fantastic opportunity for the school to start to engage with local businesses to further the work we are doing to make our students “the most employable” young people. We have started to introduce projects into all faculty areas that are focused on working with businesses and are keen to connect with other local employers. If you run a local business and are interested in getting involved in our next meeting in the summer term, please contact Miss Tomlinson for more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Rushcliffe School Presents

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Drama and Music A Level Taster Evening

Music and Drama Taster

Winter Concert 2016

At Christmas Rushcliffe school’s talent comes together to create a festive concert for all to enjoy. This year there was a range of Year groups and performances and the addition of the new singing teacher meant the singing was incredible for the age of the students. With renditions of Jingle Bell Rock, Rocking around the Christmas tree and Christmas Carols the festive spirit radiated throughout the concert. A self-written song by Elijah Pope of Year 10 alongside the brass group, the school choirs and percussion group really proved to us all how much talent we have at the school. With various solos and duets the Concert was not short of talent and the coming years are an exciting prospect for the musicians of Rushcliffe School. A special Mention has to go to Ryan, Honor and Leo who were great comperes for the performance and of course to Mr Pitts, Mr Jones and Mr Barraclough for organising the event.

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