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The 16+ Team

Head of 6th Form

Mrs Frost Head of 6th Form

Mrs Frost

Year Leaders

Mr Lakin Year 12 Leader  Mr Roberts
Mr Lakin Year 12 Leader Mr Roberts Year 13 Leader

Form Tutors

Rob Hebbs Ms Goumezaine  Ms Stead Marie McLoone
Mr Hebbs Ms Goumezaine Ms Stead Miss McLoone
Mrs Gunn  Miss Fell Miss Farrell Mrs Stacey
Mrs Gunn  Miss Fell  Miss Farrell Mrs Stacey 
Jason Nicholls Mrs Barraclough Mrs Wilson Krupali Chauhan
 Mr Nichols Mrs Barraclough Mrs Wilson Mrs Chauhan
Gareth Morris Elizabeth Morton Tom Gregory Jenny King
Mr Morris Mrs Davies Mr Gregory Miss King
  Lorna Cleator Gemma Gaskell  
  Mrs Cleator Ms Gaskell  

 Support Team

Mrs K Farndale James 6th Form Administrator Mrs T Smith 6th Form Mentor
 Katie - 6th Form Administrator  Tracy - 6th Form Mentor