Curriculum Overview

At Rushcliffe School, we view the curriculum as all of the learning opportunities that the school creates for pupils.

The purpose of our curriculum is to enable every pupil to shine brightly; whatever a pupil’s ability, background, interests or aspirations, the Rushcliffe curriculum should enable them to be happy and successful at school and in their lives beyond.

The needs of the pupils are central to curriculum decisions and the curriculum at Rushcliffe School will always be inclusive and have the development of the whole child at its heart.

We want to ensure that pupils develop as well-rounded, work-ready young people who are equipped with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be good citizens and make positive contributions to a diverse and ever-changing global community.

The curriculum at Rushcliffe aims to:

  • develop a love of learning and stimulate intellectual curiosity in pupils such that it remains with them for the rest of their lives;
  • enable pupils to be positive, happy, safe, resilient and challenged;
  • ensure that pupils’ physical health, mental health and general wellbeing is promoted and remains good;
  • help pupils develop key skills valuable in life and valued by employers such that they stand head and shoulders above others when applying for jobs, courses or apprenticeships;
  • promote pupils’ awareness and understanding of global issues and the complexity of life in the 21st century;
  • support pupils to achieve a set of qualifications at a standard that supports their next and future steps in education, employment or training;
  • nurture existing talents and interests as well as supporting pupils to develop new ones;
  • and promote and embed the core values and ethos of the school.

There are a wealth of learning opportunities each and every day for pupils at Rushcliffe School. The key components of the curriculum are:

  • timetabled subject lessons;
  • form time learning;
  • bright days;
  • enrichment sessions;
  • homework;
  • assemblies;
  • trips and visits;
  • clubs and outside lesson activities;
  • opportunities for pupil leadership roles;
  • and additional / alternative curricula.

You can view the current overview of our curriculum by year group here. Further details are also available in our curriculum policy.

Year 9 Option Choices

Pupils at Rushcliffe School make their key stage 4 option choices during year 9, in readiness for the start of year 10. In addition to studying a core curriculum of mathematics, English (Language and Literature), science and non-examined physical education during years 10 and 11, pupils select 4 subjects. Further information is available in our Options Booklet here.

Covid-19 Arrangements

In the event of a full school closure or the self-isolation of a year group, pupils will be able to access the full curriculum through a combination of live online lessons (via Microsoft Teams) and remote learning tasks (via Satchel One).